Most of us understand that in theory the worldwide web is our passport to a global business. Yet so many small businesses struggle to make inroads into markets other than their domestic one.

This is just one reason why I’m fascinated by how small businesses go global.

Sarah Dillon

After training as a professional translator in Europe, I ran my own businesses in the language services and localisation industries for a number of years. During this time, I was heavily involved in the start-up phases of several small businesses with strong international customer bases.  I’ve also worked in various interesting roles for larger, more established firms, such as Bain and Company (London), Apple Inc (Ireland) and Audi AG (Germany).

I’ve lived in six different countries, hold degrees in German, French, and Spanish, and am now based in Brisbane, Australia. In 2016, I returned to university with a view to pursuing a career in academia. I now research small, entrepreneurial service firms that operate internationally.

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