Escape from Cubicle Nation podcast

There’s a couple of great podcasts I subscribe to – I may not have a long commute to work (!) but there are plenty of other times in my days when I can squeeze in a bit of easy listening 🙂 Here’s one I’m especially enjoying at the moment, it’s from Escape from Cubicle Nation‘s Pamela Slim.

Pamela’s podcasts are usually under 10 minutes long (a few are much longer) and are broadcast every 2 weeks. They address different topics related to the challenges of breaking out of the safe mould of regular employment to work for yourself. Her podcasts are always informative and packed with practical advice in the form of interviews, cases studies, and other useful resources. Worth a listen if you’re already self employed and in need of a bit of inspiration, or if you’re employed and want to take practical steps towards making your dream of self-employment a reality.